Get your Washington Mandatory Alcohol Server Training (MAST)  - also known as a Class 12 or Class 13 Permit with this state-approved online training. Washington seller/sever training is ideal for all employees and employers involved in the dispensing, selling or serving of alcohol in the state of Washington.

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A+ Server Education is dedicated to help train servers, managers and owners proper techniques to serve alcohol. Being in the business for over 18 years we understand the liability and risks you take when you serve alcohol. Not only does irresponsible alcohol service cause a huge financial burden but the personal and mental effects that can happen to someone who over serves a customer can be catastrophic.

We feel it is our duty to educate the community about the effects of alcohol and the impact it can cause if improperly used. We also believe that this can be done in a fun and effective manner. By involving visual and simulation modules the class is very entertaining and informative even for the experienced server.


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Why are servers required to take an alcohol education class?

The intent of server education is to help servers develop the knowledge and skills that support responsible alcohol service. By law, classes must take 3 hours and cover the following topics:

*The effects of alcohol on the body and behavior, including the interaction of alcohol with other drugs.

*Washington's alcohol sale and service laws, including drunk driving laws.

* Intervention techniques for dealing with intoxicated and underage customers.

* Responsible marketing and management procedures.

At the end of each class, students take a multiple-choice test. Students need a score of 80% to pass. More than 99% of students pass the test the first time they take it. Students who fail may retake the test as many times until they pass the test. The test is designed to reinforce the learning process. It is not used to exclude students from the alcohol industry.